The eBook How do you make moonshine? – Beginner’s Guide to Moonshine Distilling is a compact guide to distilling alcohol: Learn in short step-by-step instructions how to make mashes, spirits and infusions. There are no background explanations, the book goes into the individual production steps briefly and concisely. If you would like more detailed information, then our practice book – an extensive home distilling guide– is the right choice for you. Or visit the distilling online course and our workshop distillation classes. Furthermore we have an eBook with schnapps recipes, this extensive collection was compiled by us over many years also in the context of our seminars to distill schnapps itself.


eBook “How do You Make Moonshine?” – Content

  • What is a brandy, spirit and infusion?
  • What equipment is needed to mash in fruit, distill spirits and dilute them?
  • How do you make mash from your own fruit?
  • Which alcohol is to be used for the production of a spirit and an infusion?
  • Which ingredients are suitable for spirits and infusions?
  • How do you go about preparing an infusion?
  • How do you distill a brandy, spirit and infusion? And how do you separate the heads and tails?
  • How is a distillate diluted?
  • How are distillates properly bottled and stored?
  • The eBook, a PDF file, can be downloaded and printed.


Goals and Objectives

  • You know how to make a mash from your own fruit.
  • You can easily distill any mash and separate the heads and tails.
  • With regard to an infusion, you have the knowledge to produce any fruit, herbs and spices. You have also learned the subsequent distillation of the batch.
  • Creating a spirit according to your own recipes
  • After distilling, you can measure the alcohol content of the distillate and calculate the amount of water required for dilution (Alcohol dilution calculator).
  • Correct filling and storage of distillates
  • You have knowledge of the equipment required for distilling alcohol, both for brandies, infusions, and for spirits – no matter whether you want to buy a copper still or build a moonshine still yourself.

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