Know How – Distilling Spirits at Home

  • How to make moonshine at home?
  • What should I pay attention to when preparing a moonshine mash?
  • How can I avoid the formation of poisonous methanol?
  • When must the moonshine be diluted?
  • Which kind of still do I need for distilling spirits at home?
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You are distilling spirits? If you make your own alcohol at home, you’ll probably need some calculations to produce moonshine by yourself. Here you find the main calculators online:

  • After distilling spirits at home you have to dilute the alcohol: The alcohol dilution calculator computes the amount of water needed to dilute the alcohol you received after distilling.
  • Mixing two liquids with different alcohol contents for distilling: calculate the moonshine alcohol percentage
  • Sugar-alcohol-conversion calculator: Yeast converts sugar to alcohol. Find out how much sugar is needed to get a certain alcohol content in a mash or wine.
  • Alcoholometry of sugary liquors: Calculator to determine exactly the moonshine alcohol content in homemade sugary alcoholic beverages.


You have questions on how to make moonshine or about a copper moonshine still? You find a lot of know-how in our forums on home distillation:

The Still

Information on purchasing a small copper still and self-constructed stills:

  • How to make a homemade still? Foto gallery of self-constructed stills from all over the world. Here you can find ideas for your self-constructed alcohol still.
  • Six rules for your self-construction or the purchase of a moonshine still.

How to Make Moonshine – 5 Steps

Finally there is a short beginners’ instruction for how do you make moonshine in good quality:

Distilling spirits at home: a burning spirit

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