Distilling Alcohol at Home – Calculations

Distilling Alcohol at Home - Calculations for diluting,... If you know how to make moonshine would like to make distilled spirits by yourself, calculations for distilling alcohol at home are often necessary, such as for diluting the distillate after distilling. Here you will find the most essential calculations you need to produce at home. All calculations are to be used free of charge and without registration, you can use the appropriate calculators as often as you like.

  • How can alcohol be diluted in a finished distillate? With the help of the alcohol dilution calculator, you can calculate the amount of water required to reduce the distillates to the desired alcohol concentration after distillation.
  • When making your own distillates, you will notice that you often have to mix two different alcoholic liquids with different alcoholic contents. How can you easily calculate the mixing of alcohol with different moonshine alcohol percentage?
  • Alcohol is produced from sugar by yeasts “ingesting” the sugar molecules and then excreting the alcohol. In our sugar-alcohol-conversion, you can determine the minimum amount of sugar that must be present in the liquid to be fermented in order to achieve a certain alcohol concentration in the mash or in the wine produced yourself after fermentation.
  • If the liquid contains alcohol as well as other substances such as sugar, cloudy substances (turbidity) etc, the measurement of moonshine alcohol content is no longer quite so simple. Particularly with liqueurs, you have to deal with a more complex method of measuring alcohol concentration. This calculator helps you to determine the exact alcohol percentage in homemade sugary alcoholic beverages.

If you are looking for more detailed information about distilling schnapps, then you should look no further than our practice book on home distilling. Or visit the distilling online course and our hands-on distillation classes. In our eBook “How do you make moonshine?” you will find basic instructions on how to distill moonshine, which will enable you to start mashing and distilling immediately. We also have an eBook with moonshine recipes, this extensive collection was compiled by us over many years also in the context of our seminars on how to distill alcohol yourself.

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