This extensive collection of moonshine recipes was put together by us over many years also in the context of our How to Make Moonshine Courses to distill schnapps itself. It includes classics such as plum, grappa, gin, absinthe, raspberry spirit, herbs, orange, lemon, Swiss stone pine as well as more unusual recipes such as honey, coffee, cucumber, mushrooms, mango, roses and lemon grass. This moonshine recipe book is aimed at home distillers who already have the basic knowledge of spirits production. If you still do not have this knowledge, then it would be advisable in any case to buy the basic instructions – How do You Make Moonshine or our practice book on home distilling to build up your basic knowledge. Or visit the distilling online course and our workshop distillation classes.


eBook “Moonshine-Recipes” – Content

  • The book contains basic recipes for mash (also for different mash quantities), infusions and spirits.
  • The moonshine recipes are sorted alphabetically from A to Z, you will find more than 300 different recipes in this recipe collection.
  • Each recipe contains special features and any deviations from the basic recipe.
  • The information for each recipe is subdivided into mash, infusion and spirit. So you can see immediately, which type of preparation is suitable for a particular fruit or, with many fruit varieties and vegetables, all three types of production are very useful.
  • Many recipes also consist of plant / herb / fruit mixtures such as gin, absinthe, mojito, Christmas spirit,…
  • The eBook, a PDF file, can be downloaded and printed.


Goals and Objectives

  • The moonshine recipes allow you to make a wide variety of mashes, infusions and spirits of excellent quality: Plum brandy, apricot brandy, pear brandy, Williams brandy, apple brandy, hazelnut spirit, grappa, Swiss stone pine spirit, nut brandy, gin, absinthe, raspberry spirit and much more.
  • Due to the large number of recipes in this recipe collection and the indicated mixing quantities, you get a feeling of which plant you are using which quantity.
  • The quantities in the recipes can be adjusted according to your mash quantity, preparation time and spirit quantity.
  • After you have tested the first recipes according to the specifications, it will be easy for you to design your own tasty schnapps creations.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ